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Lash Lift

We can enhance your lashes through tinting and lifting for those that do not want to apply extensions. Lash Lifts are the perfect alternative. 

Give your Lashes a permanent natural curl (lasts up to 6 weeks). Dress them with mascara or get a tint and keep them natural but defined!

Cosmetic Tattooing

Currently the hottest trend, our cosmetic tattooing services are carried by highly experienced staff, to make your brows, eyes and lips stay looking like perfectly applied.

we Offer:

Powder or Ombre Brows


Combo Brows

Lip Blushing

Top and Bottom Eyeliner

Feather or Nano Brows

Get your Brows in shape with a feathered or Nano Brow service.

Brows & Co Specialise in microblading/feathering and nano eyebrows to give you natural brows with the perfect shape that looks full and defined while still looking natural.

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Brow Lamination

Your eyes are the window to your soul! And your Brows define and shape that window!

At Brows & Co we create beautiful eyebrows through shaping, lamination and tinting. Brow Lamination can give you a fuller, more structured brow by giving your brow hairs a "lift"and can last up to 6 weeks.

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Tinting & Henna Tint

Make your eyelashes darker with a blue black or pure black tint to give you noticeable eyelashes and define your eyes.


Colour your eyebrows to match your hair colour, cover those greys or give them a bit of drama through tinting. 

Or for a longer lasting look, Henna Tint your brows and skin to give you that long lasting colour. 

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Eyelash Extensions

Enhance your eyelashes with individual or volume eyeashe extensions for a natural or luscious look. Perfect for that special occasion or  for everyday wear.

Choose from a variety of styles, lengths, thicknesses and curls to give you an individualised look to suit you. 

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