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Frequently asked questions

What is Eyebrow Feathering?

This is one of the latest cosmetic tattoo techniques available for eyebrows. Also known as Microblading, the technique uses a row of needles placed in a line to imitate a small balde. This 'blade' is used to imprint ink into the eyebrows to give fine, thin, naturally hair strokes into the eyebrows and imitates real eyebrow hairs.

Can I get Eyebrow Feathering if I have an eyebrow tattoo already?

It depends on how dark the previous tattoo is and what you want to acheive with our eyebrows. There are ways that we can correct the shape and colour but this will require extra work and may cost more.

If the eyebrow has faded significantly, then eyebrow feathering can be done on top of the old tattoo.
Each case is dependant on the individual eyebrow and you can contact Nhu-y on 0434 262 864 or send us a message for advice on what can be done.

Is it painful?

There is some pain involved and everyone's pain threshhold is different. Anaesthetic is available and does reduce the pain considerably. Unlike the traditional needle and rotary gun method, the featering creates thin strokes on the surface of the skin and is considered less painful.

How long does it last?

Eyebrow feather (microblading) imprints the pigment onto the surface of the skin without going too deep to make natural real hair-like strokes. This means the pigment does not stay as long as the traditional shading methods. Most of our Brows & Co clients on average come back every 1-2 years to get a maintenance touch-up.

How long does it take to Heal?

Initially after your eyebrow feathering session, the eyebrow strokes will look darker as with all fresh tattoos. They take about 4-7 days to heal where the eyebrows will scab (in most instances this is very minimal and hardly noticeable) and peel off. During the peeling off stage, clients are advised not to peel the tattoo off themselves as this will take away the pigment and may result in scarring. After about 7 days the tattoo will heal and the colour will have faded up to 40%. Some areas may have faded more that others and it is adviseable to come back for your 1-3 month touchup to fix any issues or uneveness of pigment and to imprint more ink.

What is the aftercare?

To look after the eyebrow feathering, clients are instructed to buy a tube of Bepanthen Cream, which is a barrier and antiseptic cream to apply to the eyebrows. You can buy this cream at any Chemist or Nhu-y provides this cream for sale. This cream is applied at a minimum morning and night and before you wash your face or have a shower. You will be provided with aftercare instructions which will explain further what you need to do to take care of your eyebrows.

Can I get my eyebrows feathered if I am pregnant?

Unfortunately we do not perform this procedure on pregnant women or women that are still breast feeding.

How long will the process take?

The process will take anywhere from 1.5-2 hours. This will cater for a consult, application of anaesthetic, shaping the eyebrows and the feathering procedure.

What is the process of eyebrow feathering?

When you come in for your eyebrow feathering, Nhu-y will consult with you on what you wish to acheive with your eyebrows, work with you to give you the perfect shape you want that is suitable for your face and eye features, and choose an appropriate colour. Anaesthetic will be used to numb the area and the Feathering will be performed once you are happy with the shape Nhu-y has drawn for you.

How do my Eyebrows get shaped?

When looking at what shape to do for a client, Nhu-y will take into account the clients facial features and provide advice on what would be suitable. In the end it is up to the client to decide what they want and what they are happy with. Nhu-y usually accesses the natural eyebrow and tries to choose a shape that will naturally incorporate the natural eyebrow as much as possible. She will freehand draw on one side and when the client is happy with the shape, she uses the 'thread' method to measure the second eyebrow and make it as similar to the first eyebrow as possible.