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Proposed Changes to Cosmetic Tattooing National Recognised Certificates

ASQA will be looking at making significant changes to Cosmetic Tattoo Accreditation in Australia and the changes are imminent.

As a Nationally Recognised Training Provider, we have been following this development with vested interest, and we have decided to summarise the key changes for you below.

Current State:

To obtain your certification currently, you are required to complete 2 Units

  • SHBBSKS003 - Design and provide cosmetic tattooing (Release 1)

  • SHBBINF001 Maintain infection control standards

Proposed Changes:

The proposed changes currently being assessed by Skills IQ will mean students will now be required to complete 9 units.

  • 5 Core Units

  • 4 Selective Units consisting of:

  1. at least 1 unit from Group A - Cosmetic Tattoo

  2. the remaining units selected from Group A, the electives listed below, elsewhere in the SHB Training Package or other current Training Package or accredited course.

The selection of electives must be guided by the job outcome sought, local industry requirements and the complexity of skills appropriate to the AQF level of this qualification.

Full details can be found on the Skills IQ draft page here


Core Units


Maintain infection control standards


Provide cosmetic tattooing consultations


Apply knowledge of colour theory and pigmentology to cosmetic tattooing


Apply elements and principles of design to cosmetic tattooing


Identify the function and structure of skin and hair for cosmetic tattooing


Group A- Cosmetic Tattoo


Provide cosmetic tattoo for eyebrows


Provide cosmetic tattoo for lips


Provide cosmetic tattoo for eyes


Provide cosmetic tattoo for scalp micropigmentation


Provide 3D nipple areola complex tattooing

Group A - General Electives


Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability


Determine resource requirements for the micro business


Market the small business


Undertake small business planning


Monitor and manage small business operations


Manage small business finances


Use social media to engage customers


What does these proposed changes mean for students?

These proposed changes once implemented, will simply mean students will be required to complete a more extensive program to get Nationally Accredited in Cosmetic Tattoo. Whilst this can help raise minimum standards in the industry, the added units will increase time and costs to all students who are looking to learn the Art of Cosmetic Tattoo, if implemented.

To learn more about how these changes will effect YOU, and or how Brows&Co can get You Skilled and Qualified, click the chat icon on the bottom right hand side of this page, or connect via Facebook, Instagram.

Why choose Brows&Co?

We are steadily building a strong reputation of providing, effective and efficient, personalised training, through a program over 17 years in the making. Theresa has built an impressive portfolio working for many RTO's across Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, and has spent the better half of this decade, refining our courses. Ultimately this ensures our students walk away with the required skills, knowledge and industry leading post training support, to successfully transfer your skills into a Career.

Brows & Co Nationally Accredited Courses

We offer Nationally Recognised and Government Accredited Training across a wide range of short courses. Theresa the founder of Brows&Co and lead trainer has over 17 years of knowledge in the area of Beauty, specialising in Cosmetic Tattoo.

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