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It is now illegal for us to  provide our clients with anaesthetic. Instead, clients are expected to buy and provide their own anaesthetic for their cosmetic tattoo and skin treatment procedures.  


  1. We are not permitted to purchase a compounded anaesthetic formulation and on-sell it to your client or patient.  We are also not permitted to put a markup on anything that is a scheduled compounded medication this includes topical anaesthetics. Therefore, either our client needs to purchase the anaesthetic directly from the compounding pharmacy, or we can order it for them (with their consent) and the pharmacy should contact them directly for payment and medical evaluation.

  2. A compounded anaesthetic formula must have the client’s or patient’s name on the container and must not be used for any other purpose other than for that individual’s treatment. 

  3. The client is required to apply the anaesthetic with your instructions and you may assist them upon the client’s request and consent in writing.

Brows & Co have made this process easy for our clients and have been working closely with a compound chemist to provide you with suitable anaesthetic options that you can buy  directly from our compound chemist for your intended treatment.


Compounding pharmacies are allowed to prepare topical anaesthetics under very strict guidelines regulated by theTherapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) as well as each states health authority.

These conditions specify compounding only when commercially available topical anaesthetics are unsuitable and is:

  • For a particular person in response to a request

An order for each client needs to be received prior to commencing the compounding process. The ordered product can only be used for the intended patient, NOT for another person, or for multiple patients. 

The product needs to be labelled by the compounding pharmacy for the patient in accordance with each states poisons standard or regulations. Essentially this means clearly displaying the patients’ name, product name, ingredients, directions for use and the compounding pharmacies contact details.

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