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Why Train with Brows & Co

Brows & Co offers a very unique method of training, with one on one attention and care taken with every student.  Our trainer, Theresa, has extensive experience in the beauty industry, with over 19 years of knowledge and skills through running her own salons and an impressive employment portfolio working for many RTO's based in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. She is a qualified Dermal Clinician and offers services such as laser, IPL, skin needling etc. 

Our classes are kept keep small and some are offered as one on one private training. This is so you receive proper attention and time with the trainer, while she teaches you how to develop the necessary skills to start or further your career in the beauty and aesthetics industry.  All the industry secrets will be revealed for you to create beautiful fluffy lashes or perfectly shaped eyebrows on your clients. We also provide the most comprehensive selection of premium lash extension, microblading and beauty products and supplies at, so you are in good hands!


We offer all past students refresher classes at discounted rate. 

You will also receive, exclusive to Brows and Co students, a lifetime 20% discount off all our products from

Train NOW, Pay LATER

We NOW offer ZIP PAY ($1,000) and ZIP MONEY ($5,000 limit) for all our training courses!  Apply for a ZIP PAY ($1,000) or ZIP MONEY account and once approved, we can send you an invoice for any of the courses (up to $5,000). Why wait, it's that simple! 

If you have been thinking about a career change or adding new services to your business, our courses will provide you with all you need to take the next step. BOOK NOW!


Combine any 2 Courses and get 15% off 


eyelash extensions.jpg

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extension Classic Course

Price: $1,200

Duration: 2 Days

Ideally combined with Lash & Brow Course  and Volume Course to provide complimentary services to your clients. 

In this course you will learn the theory behind eyelash extensions, eyelash  hair growth cycle, health regulations and much more.

You will be taught how to apply single lash extensions and learn all the techniques to help you develop your skills as a lash technician. 

Advanced Volume Course

Price: $850

Duration: 1.5 Days

Must have completed or combine with Classic Course.

In this advanced course, you will learn further theory regarding safe weight and volumes for natural lashes and how to apply pre-made fans and make your own hand-made fans. 

You will be taught knowledge and skills that will be invaluable as an eyelash technician!



Microblading Course 

(excludes infection control)

Price: $2,500

Duration: 2 Days

Pre-requisite: Infection Control

Ideally combined with Cosmetic Tattoo Course and Infection Control (if you do not have it already).

In this course, we will concentration on developing your skills in eyebrow shaping and eyebrow feathering.  You will learn the theory behind Microblading and develop your skills to help you achieve drawing and feather the perfect eyebrows to make them look natural, full and defined.

You will learn different eyebrow stroke patterns, and the techniques that will help you develop sharp, crisp and clear lines. 

Cosmetic Tattoo &  Microblading Combined Course

(includes infection control)

Price: $6,700

Duration: 6 Days

Includes all 3 courses and combined will save you further in fees. 

eyeliner tatoo.jpg

Cosmetic Tattooing

Cosmetic Tattoo Course (includes infection control)

Price: $5,500

Duration: 5 Days

Ideally combined with Microblading Course to provide the latest eyebrow feathering services.

This course will introduce you to cosmetic tattooing, also knowns as semi-permanent tattoo, and infection control.  You will learn all the necessary theory behind the cosmetic tattooing and infection control.

You will also learn the skills to tattoo eyeliner, lips and eyebrows using a needle and rotary gun. 

You will learn how to mix colours, choose the right colour for clients and the process involved in tattooing clients. 

Cosmetic Tattoo &  Microblading Combined Course

(includes infection control)

Price: $6,700

Duration: 6 Days

Includes all 3 courses and combined will save you further in fees. 

washing hands.jpg

Infection Control

Infection Control 

Price: $1,200

Duration: 1 Day 

Pre-requisite for Microblading & Cosmetic Tattoo Course.

Ideally combined with Microblading Course and Cosmetic Tattoo Course.

This course covers all the legal requirements you need to safely provide cosmetic tattoo services to clients.  

It covers laws involving infection control, health & safety laws, sterilisation, insurance, and much more. 

After this course you will be equiped with the knowledge and skills to confidently work safely providing cosmetic tattoo services and other beauty services to clients. 

lash & Brow.jpeg

Lash & Brow

Lash & Brow Course

Price: $1,200

Duration: 2 Days

Ideally combined with Classic and/or Volume Course to provide complimentary services to your clients. 

In this course you will learn the skills to provide lash lifts (which is rarely taught anymore - and is not a requirement to learn in the Lash & Brow Certificate). You will also learn to shape and wax eyebrows using strip and hot wax and lash & brow tinting.

You will be working on live models to develop your skills. 


Extensive theories behind lash and brow services will also be passed on to gain you all the knowledge you need to confidently work independently, working in a beauty salon or opening your own business. 

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